Provide your child the best newborn child care that they deserve with us. Cradle Net Services specializes in all areas of newborn child care including babysitting services in Houston as well as newborn care solutions. We also provide great suggestions for newborn care specialists in Houston and can help in getting one.

It is our goal to take care of your baby and help families from the first day a baby comes home from the hospital. Typically, we leave a family by the time a baby is 3 months old. In some special cases, the length of the assignment may be longer if needed by the family. Our goal is to leave every family with a smile and a happy, healthy sleeping baby.

What Is Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialists are certified professionals with extensive training in newborn care with preemies, multiples, and special needs babies. Their job is to instruct parents after the birth of their infant about the best ways to care for newborns. They often work night shifts to allow parents the chance to rest, while also documenting and keeping a check on baby’s sleeping, feeding, and changing times to help transition them to a regular schedule. They are also popularly known as an overnight newborn care specialist.


Their duties include:

  • Establish healthy sleep habits
  • Interpret and adequately responds to a baby’s needs
  • Set up a routine that fits the family’s lifestyle
  • Provide breastfeeding support for nursing moms
  • Help with bathing/dressing needs
  • Perform bottle preparation, cleaning, and sterilization
  • Educate parents on various types of formulas available
  • Treat diapers rashes, circumcision care, reflux, colic, swaddling, soothing technique and educate on how to effectively set up the family for success
  • Document daily log of baby/babies’ schedule
  • Cleaning, organizing, and maintaining the baby’s nursery
  • Positive sibling interaction

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