We provide you with a highly professional and trained night nanny so that new mothers can recover from postpartum and can have a sweet night’s sleep. With our effective and cheap nanny service and nanny services, now there is no room for worries. We also provide nanny and doula services. With us, there is no room for questions like how to find a nanny or search nannies in Houston on the browser.

It is Our Goal to work with families from the first day a baby comes home from the hospital. Typically, we leave a family by the time a baby is 3 months or sleeping through the night (7 pm- 7 am without waking). In some special cases, the length of the assignment may be longer if needed by the family. Our goal is to leave every family with a smile and a happy, healthy sleeping baby.

What Is Night Nanny?

A night nanny is someone who is experienced in caring for newborns. Night time nanny has a number of years working with newborns and are currently former nannies that are available to work nights, weekends, and evenings. Their responsibility is to care for your infant. Parents can enjoy a period of 10 hours of unbroken sleep without worrying about getting up to feed, settle or change a diaper.

Night nanny assists with scheduling while guiding babies to sleep through the night. Caregivers will work anywhere from three to seven nights per week 10 hours allowing parents to sleep longer getting the rest needed after giving birth. A newborn nanny is different from a Newborn Care Specialist or Baby Nurse but provides similar knowledge in caring for newborns.

Duties Of A Nanny:

  • Change diaper
  • Swaddle
  • Sooth baby
  • Feed baby
  • Teach parents how to take care of an infant at night.
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