Now there is no need to worry about where to find a postpartum doula. People often wonder how to find a doula. Most people are only aware of travel nanny to babysit their children.

It is our goal to work with families from the first day when a baby comes home from the hospital. Typically, a doula leaves a family by the time when a baby is 3 months old. In some special cases, the length of the assignment may be longer if needed by the family. Our goal is to leave every family with a smile and a happy, healthy sleeping baby. Hence, our track record must be among the best postpartum doula in Houston.

What is a postpartum doula?

Unlike a night doula, a doula is trained to come into your home and provides valuable care and support to the entire family during the first few weeks after childbirth all day. This allows the mother to rest and bond with the new baby while tending to her unique needs and providing a smooth transition at home.

Some of the postpartum doula services or benefits of a postpartum doula are:

  • Assist with breastfeeding complications
  • Prepare light family meals
  • Perform light household tasks and errands
  • Assist with newborn care
  • Help care for siblings
  • Educate and provide information and resources as needed

Newborn Care Specialist vs Postpartum Doula:

The main distinction appears to be that newborn care specialist training appears to focus more on caring for the infant, whereas doula training appears to focus more on supporting the parents. Both professions offer a solid baseline for in-home newborn care. On the infant’s needs, the newborn care professional offers guidance and assistance. Additionally, they provide mothering advice on swaddling and nursing. While on the other hand postpartum doula is to act as a specialist to the mother.

We can let you create a bond between your elder children and doula prior to the hiring so they can also get comfortable with them and can call them mommy labor nurse and get comfortable around them.

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